Window Shades Coverings & Treatments for Custom Shading From The Sun

The hot South Florida sun can really take a toll on your home if you let it. It can bring the temperature in your home way up and cause carpeting, furniture, flooring, and more to fade. Boca Blinds can prevent these problems from affecting you by setting you up with the right window shade coverings and treatments for custom shading the sun. From sheer shades and light filtering shades to solar shades and Roman shades, Boca Blinds has been providing homeowners in South Florida with all kinds of shades for more than 40 years now.

Style Types of Shades Available for Sale in Boca Raton And Surrounding Areas

Roller shades

Custom Fabric Shades

Balloon Shades

Pleated Shades

Light Filtering Shades

Roman shades

Cellular shades

Blackout Shades

Sheer shades

Solera Shades

Solar shades

Skylight Blinds

Remote Control Blinds

Double Roller shades

Zebra Blinds

Are There Features That Are Better Than Others?

Each specific type of shades from Boca Blinds will come with its own features that make it unique. We can help you find the shades that have the right features for your home. For example, if you have small kids and don’t want to worry about the dangers that come along with corded shades, we have shades with cordless lifts available. If you prefer light to come in the top of your windows as opposed to the bottom for privacy purposes, we have top-down, button-up shade options. Or if you want to obtain the best room-darkening shades possible, we have blackout shades that will work wonders.

It’s impossible to say that one set of features is better than the others since it’s a matter of what will work best for your home. But we can help you find the right features based on your home’s specific needs.

How to Choose the Best Shade for Your Room

If you’re not sure which window shades are right for your home, consider how you’re going to use them on a daily basis. Do you want shades that will stay down and enhance the look of your home or shades that will allow a little more sunlight to pass through them than others? Do you want shades you can put up and down with a remote control or roller shades that you’ll put up and down by hand? At Boca Blinds, we can ask you the questions that’ll bring you closer to choosing the best shade for your room. Your answers will help determine which shades will be right for the different rooms in your home.

Are you shopping around for shades at the moment? Let Boca Blinds show you what we have in our showroom right now. Stop by or reach out to us to talk about our extensive shade selection.